05 April 2009

Penang ~ Pearl of the Orient in 24 hours

Jack Stanley, US historian, with Statue of Captain Francis Light in Fort Cornwalis and we also discover the grave of the Founder of Penang

Captain Francis Light was having dinner in his favorite Nyonya Restaurant and there was this new curry chicken dish which he was unfamiliar. So, he asked the smartly-dressed waiter
"What is this?" The waiter stood at attention, saluted and retorted "Curry, Kapitan!" (Kapitan being the Malay word for Captain). So, true till today, one of the more famous curry dish in Penang is the all-time popular chicken curry dish call "Curry Kapitan"

Penang Trip: 21 Feb to 22 Feb 2009
Food Stop #1: Penang Road Coffee-shop
This Coffee-shop proves to be the favorite for most of us with the best of Penang Hawker fares viz. Cendol, Char Koay Teow, Assam Laksa and the ever uniquely Penang's Lorbak.

Jack Stanley, historian, enjoying his Char Koay Teow...goes well with Coke!

Food Stop #2: Rumah Perut
We had probably one of the best Nyonya Food in Penang. Rumah Perut is housed in a bungalow along Jalan Kwlawai right behind Evergreen Hotel. With good ambience, good food and nice desserts, this place should be a "must visit" food itinerary!

(Above Top) Inche Kabin (Fried Chicken) & (Above Bottom) Ju Hu Char (Turnips) with popular Curry Kapitan

(Above) Lor Bak

Food Stop #3: Swatow Lane
The famous Majestic Penang Rojak is found in thgis corner Coffee-Shop between Northam Road and Burmah Road.
Here you can also taste some of Penang's favorites hawker fare such as Char Koay Teow, Char Koay Kark (Carrot Cake), Hokkien Mee (Har Mee or Prawn Mee), Assam Laksa, Lorbak and Ice Kacang.